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    Highly huggable plush doll

    30cm plush doll

    Listen up Sackfolk. You already know that Sackboy is the mega cute hero of the global smash LittleBigPlanet. But what you don’t know is that he’s escaped his pixellated confines and morphed into a highly huggable plush doll.

    Yes joypad twiddlers, the officially licensed Sackboy Plush is just as adorable as his onscreen alter ego, right down to that zippy tum and adorable grin. The difference is you won’t have to gawp at the telly to get your Sackboy fix. Simply give him a snuggle whenever you feel those LBP withdrawal pangs.

    Highly huggable plush doll

    12cm plush doll

    Available in two sizes (12cm and 30cm) Sackboy Plush is an ideal companion for any gaming geek eager to show their appreciation for one of Sony’s greatest superstars. And seeing as you’re reading this, we’ll assume that’s you. Go on, get knitted!

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