Sackboy Computer Gear and Sackbot
  • Sackboy Computer Gear and Sackbot

Sackboy Computer Gear and Sackbot

Return of the Sack!

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    Sackboy Sackbot version

    New 3" Sackbot version

    Ever since Sackboy captivated us with his pixellated shenanigans in the smash hit platformer LittleBigPlanet we’ve been smitten. Indeed this customisable thingamajig has quickly gained iconic status.

    But with LittleBigPlanet 2 upon us, it’s time to update your Sackboy collection. Officially licensed, these posable figures are decked out in suitably bonkers gear from the new game. Yes, folks, the 6" Sackboy is wearing a computer and the 3" Sackboy looks like a steakpunk wooden robot. Well... it takes all sorts.

    Sackboy Computer Gear Sackboy Computer Gear Sackboy Computer Gear

    Plug it in, plug it in

    Officially Licensed

    5¼ Inch Floppy

    Sackboy Computer Gear

    6" Figure

    The 3" Sony superstar and limited edition 6” version, make a great addition to any LBP fan’s home/padded cell, and he’ll happily sit on your desktop or PS3 striking various poses from the game. But stocks are low and demand is high, so get ordering before this madcap material boy scarpers out of our stockroom for good.

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