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STIGA Table Football

Yooou’re not twiddling any mooore

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    goal animation

    He shoots... HE SCORES!

    Who needs fancy state-of-the-art computer graphics? With STIGA Table Football you can have a fast-paced, fully-immersive, 3D gaming experience without a flashy PC or console in sight.

    This overhaul of traditional table football takes the best bits of the original and ramps up the action. With a smaller playing area, the classic four-three-three setup has been stripped down for a faster, leaner six-a-side game.

    Use the six control rods at your end of the pitch to move your players up and down the field, and your goalie from side to side. Give the rods a twiddle and players will spin on the spot, passing, shooting, tackling or defending. It’s great to play and just as much fun to watch, as the tension builds and the scores mount up. Just don’t take your eye off the ball!

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