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SKLZ Straight Shooter
  • SKLZ Straight Shooter

SKLZ Straight Shooter

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    So simple, yet so clever

    Unless you’re at the driving range, practicing your golf swing usually ends in a long walk to pick up your balls. Or in our case, clambering through a bush. But that’s yet another reason to use the SKLZ Straight Shooter. Easy to assemble and light enough to carry anywhere, it’s the swingball of golfing gadgets!

    Just stake it into the ground, line up your stance and give the ball a thwack. Whether you’re using a wood, iron or wedge it’ll give you immediate feedback on the accuracy of your shot. Watch the angle of the ball as it spins around the horizontal axle and you’ll know straight away if it would have sliced left or right; or cannoned straight down the fairway.

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    Use it to improve your accuracy

    And the best part of all – once it has stopped spinning you can simply take another shot. All your gear remains in place, so no more lost balls, long walks, or twigs in your hair.

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