SKLZ Sport Brella Chair
  • SKLZ Sport Brella Chair

SKLZ Sport Brella Chair

Deck and cover

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    Perfect for sitting down and watching your favourite sport in the shade

    A beach chair with an umbrella? Why on earth would we be at the beach if it’s raining? Clearly, you’ve never been to Morecambe. Indeed for any outdoor activity in the UK, regardless of the time of year, it’s always worth packing a brolly. Which is why the SKLZ Sport Brella Chair is such a handy idea.

    Designed for any situation outdoors where you might want a nice sit down, this compact folding chair comes with an equally lightweight folding umbrella. Fix it to the chair in any number of places and adjust the angle with two push-button hinges. Even if the wet stuff is coming in sideways you’ll still be sheltered.

    Carry bag

    Comes with its own carry bag

    Perfect for keeping the rain off your fishing tackle, supporting your team from the sidelines, staying dry in festival season or just keeping the seagulls off your chips; with a convenient carry bag this rugged nylon and canvas chair will go anywhere. And with a UPF 50+ lining it’ll even make a great sunshade too. Heaven forbid the great orb should make an appearance.

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