SKLZ Speed Striker Boxing Trainer
  • SKLZ Speed Striker Boxing Trainer

SKLZ Speed Striker Boxing Trainer

Keep your eye on the ball

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    Set up in a doorway and start training

    Admit it, you’ve always wanted to give boxing a try. But the thought of strolling into your local club fills you with the same dread as your first day of school. Yes, there are bigger boys and girls there. No, they don’t look very friendly. And yes, you’re probably going to get beaten up before the first bell.

    So what’s the solution? Well, you could just face the music (and the canvas), or you could get a little practice in beforehand – at home, at work, or anywhere there’s a bit of space – with the SKLZ Speed Striker Boxing Trainer.

    This handy piece of kit will take all the punishment you can throw at it. It’s great for improving your hand-eye coordination and cardio endurance; and you don’t need gloves, a gum shield or a sparkly robe (unless you want one). In fact, it’s a handy training tool for anyone looking to improve their speed, agility, reaction time and accuracy.


    Improve your speed and reactions

    How does it work? Like a speed bag, it’s all about timing your jabs and avoiding the backswing of the Striking Ball. Set it up in a doorframe or below a wooden beam, adjust the Striking Ball to your height and tension the cords to suit your level of experience – the looser the cords, the longer you have to react. Practice with a few single-handed jabs to improve your hand-eye coordination, then introduce your other hand. With time, practice and a few raw eggs you’ll be jabbing, hooking, dodging and giving it the old one-two like a champ.

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