SKLZ Smash Bag
  • SKLZ Smash Bag

SKLZ Smash Bag

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    Hitting the bag

    Refine your technique

    Unless you have a fearless volunteer at the driving range to replace your ball, it can be quite a faff breaking your stance to do it yourself. So while we look for a robot caddy, why not hone your swing on the SKLZ Smash Bag.

    Whether you’re at the Golf Club or in your back garden, this heavy-duty bag helps to refine your technique and improve speed and accuracy. Place it just beyond your usual strike point and take a swing. An extremely satisfying ‘thwap’ will tell you if you’ve struck the bag correctly. But the resting position of the bag is also a handy indicator – if it ends up left or right of your position you’re slicing it!

    filling the bag

    Fill with towels or clothes

    Endorsed by all sorts of PGA types from Todd Fischer to Jim McGovern, this portable practice solution is a great way to improve your shots. And you don’t have to wander round picking up your balls afterwards.

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