SKLZ Shoot Around
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SKLZ Shoot Around

Chute some hoops

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    SKLZ Shoot Around

    180° of rotation

    As its name suggests, the whole point of basketball is getting the ball in the basket. So it makes sense to incorporate plenty of target practice into your training. But who can be bothered wasting time retrieving the ball from around the court or fetching it from under the basket? Not us, so we use the ingenious SKLZ Shoot Around (180° Ball Return).

    Simply attach this chute-style thingummy to your basketball hoop and watch in why-didn’t-I-think-of-that? tinged amazement as it returns the ball to the same spot every time, rapidly and consistently. This allows you to spend more time working on your game, and less time retrieving balls.

    SKLZ Shoot Around

    Spend more time shooting hoops and less time chasing the ball after

    With the Shoot-Around’s rotating 180-degree ball return, you can take aim from any area around the hoop. And as any Harlem Globetrotter will (probably) tell you, repetitive shooting helps you to develop a solid stroke and better rhythm. Can we have our ball back? Absolutely!

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