SKLZ Rain-Maker Trainer
  • SKLZ Rain-Maker Trainer

SKLZ Rain-Maker Trainer

He shoots, he scores!

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    rejector attachment

    Includes rejector attachment to
    help practice rebounds

    One of the main reasons so many wannabe Kobe Bryants miss the target is because they don’t aim for the centre of the hoop. And that’s why all you basketball-brandishing Fireboxers need the SKLZ Rain-Maker Trainer.

    Ingenious but forehead-slappingly simple, this durable plastic ring snaps on to any standard 18” basketball rim, reducing its diameter to 15”. This tighter target forces you to find the centre of the hoop and thus master the perfect arc on your shots. Effective? It’s a slam-dunk!

    But there’s more because the SKLZ Rain-Maker Trainer also comes with a detachable ‘rejector’ that effectively seals the hoop, and boings shots back so you can practice dealing with rebounds. You’ll be making a complete Chicago Bull of yourself in no time. High five!

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