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SKLZ Power Base Tennis

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    Practice anywhere

    As any tennis player will tell you, practicing on your own can be tough. There’s nothing quite like playing against a real partner; and a wall is just too predictable. Thankfully, there’s now a third solution.

    The SKLZ Power Base Tennis uses a standard ball, tethered to a weighted base by a lightweight, stretchy cord. Just find some open space and serve the ball as if to an opponent. The 15ft cord will stretch up to 30ft – depending on the strength of your shot – and return it to you. Or at least, near to you.

    Unlike training against a wall, the SKLZ Power Base Tennis is a constant battle to keep the ball from losing its bounce. Every shot is critical to maintaining the rally, so you’ll constantly be on your toes.


    The perfect training partner for any tennis enthusiast

    Alternatively, it’s a great way to practice your serves without the need for a basket-full of tennis balls. Simply serve the ball on the Power Base tether and let it roll back to you – so all of your energy is spent on training, not in tidying up.

    With a bit of practice, the SKLZ Power Base Tennis can be a fun and fast-paced way to keep fit and hone your tennis skills. Plus, it’ll save you from having to shuffle next door to apologise for breaking their greenhouse.

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