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SKLZ Power Base Soccer
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SKLZ Power Base Soccer

Can I have my ball back?

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    Practice your striking technique

    Having a kickabout in your local park can be great fun, but if you’re on your own it’s exhausting! Thankfully there’s now a way to practice your long crosses, goal kicks, chips, volleys and throws without the endless running in between. And you don’t even need a big open space to use it.

    The SKLZ Power Base Soccer puts your ball on a lightweight, stretchy tether – so no matter how hard you boot it, it’ll always come bouncing back (unless it’s gone in a tree). Starting at a handy 15ft it’ll stretch up to 45ft before returning the ball to you. In fact, with enough practice it’s like having a back and forth with a real partner.

    The SKLZ Power Base Soccer is ideal for practicing your long game. But it’s also handy for honing your skills in crowded areas – like busy parks, beaches, or playgrounds – without bothering anyone else. Thanks to this innovative tether the days of ‘Can I have my ball back?’ are long gone.

    strike the ball as hard as you can

    The ball will return to you no matter how hard or where you kick it, perfect for solo practice

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