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SKLZ Gyro Swing Training Club
  • SKLZ Gyro Swing Training Club

SKLZ Gyro Swing Training Club

Feel the force on the course

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    exploded diagram

    Gyro technology in the club head

    Calling all swingers (of the golfing variety, natch). Do you spend more time worrying about your technique than actually feeling it? Probably. That’s why you always end up getting the beers in at the 19th hole whilst opponents point and laugh. Or is that just us? Whatever. The point is you need the SKLZ Gyro Swing Training Club.

    Used by PGA pros including Vijay Singh, Lucas Glover and Padraig Harrington, this amazing training club has a powerful 20,000-rpm gyroscope in its head. This forces you to stay ‘on plane’ and helps you to achieve a perfectly timed release by ingraining the ‘feel’ of the perfect swing. Just switch it on, take a swing and the entire rechargeable shebang comes alive in your hands.

    scale see through grip

    Diagram shows you where to
    place your hands on the grip

    If all of the above sounds a little weird that’s probably because the Gyro Swing’s effect is strangely indefinable. It just works, okay. It also helps cure hook and slice problems, and features a see-through grip guide for ideal hand placement. We’ll even throw in an instructional DVD. Now all you need is a terrible shirt and an understanding wife. Shwing!

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