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SCX Digital Racing

    SCX Digital Racing

    Slot racing system of the future.

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      SCX Racing - save £100

      SCX was £299.95 now £199.95

      Just like genuine motor racing, slot racing systems have become a tad predictable in recent years. In the case of real racing, advancing technology is mostly to blame; traction this, automatic that, computer assisted whatnots. Thankfully, in the case of slot racing, advancing technology is having completely the opposite effect, because SCX Racing is revolutionising the entire world of track-based, trigger-controlled racing. Thrilling? Not half!

      SCX: car

      This mega-sophisticated digital system makes old-style slot-racing sets seem about as exciting as a Nigel Mansell monologue, and we guarantee you'll be gripped the moment you start your engine (well, turn the mains on).

      SCX: controller

      SCX is based entirely on digital technology, allowing designers to concentrate on the actual cars. Each gorgeously realistic vehicle contains a unique memory chip that identifies it with the position of the hand throttle connected to the digital control unit. This provides a two-way information flow between the car and the controller, so you control the actual car, not the slot it's sitting in.


      All of which means you can overtake by changing to and from any one lane, by simply pressing a button on the controller. Up to six cars can race at a time on either of the two lanes and change over whenever the driver wishes (at a changeover track section).

      SCX: excitement mounts

      This particular set contains three cars, one transformer, three sleek electronic hand throttles, an oval circuit featuring 4 changeover tracks and everything else you need to conduct your own nail biting races. There's even a programmable digital lap counter that shows your position throughout the race. All that's missing is Murray Walker and his maniacal malaprops. Then again, he's been put out to pasture - which is exactly what you should do with your old slot racing system, as SCX renders all other systems utterly obsolete.

      SCX: digital lap timer

      We've got an SCX track set up here at Firebox House and the queue to have a go is longer than the Hangar Straight. This really is the Ferrari of racing systems and short of hiring an F1 car it's the nearest most of us will get to experiencing the adrenaline-pumping thrill of all-out, wheel-to-wheel, high speed racing.

      SCX: track layout

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