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Russian Doll Measuring Cups
  • Russian Doll Measuring Cups

Russian Doll Measuring Cups

Made to matryoshka

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    The measurements are printed inside

    Do you measure your baking ingredients in Cups, Fl.oz, or Mls? We measure ours in Dolls. Or the Russian Doll Measuring Cups to be exact.

    This high quality ceramic pair of nesting dolls is actually a set of 4 measuring cups. Ranging in size from 1 cup to ¼ cup, each one is printed on the inside to show the equivalent volume in fl.oz and mls – handy for all sorts of recipes, from banoffee pie to borscht.

    With their vibrant matryoshka style they’ll brighten up any kitchen and look great even when they’re not in use. Practical and stylish? We’ll raise a cup to that.

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