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Run rings around people

Product not available at the moment.
  • The latest must-have fitness accessory for urban runners
  • More effective and courteous than screaming at pedestrians
  • Can be heard from up to ten metres (30ft) away
  • Lightweight and adjustable to fit all hand sizes and over gloves
  • Watch in awe as the crowds part like the red sea
Dedicated running lanes don't exist yet, and never will. So if you're finding it a struggle to navigate through the hustle and bustle of densely-packed pedestrians, you need to get yourself the Runbell.

Designed specifically for the urban runner, this stylish bell weighs just 30g and is both a functional and seamless addition to your regular running gear. It's made from jewellery-quality metals and features a spring-loaded brass bell that resonates with a powerful and pleasant 'ding' which can be heard up to 10 metres away.

In addition to this it comes with a series of comfortable silicon inserts so that you can easily adjust the size for small/large fingers, or take them out completely to wear over a glove on those bitterly cold days.

Unlike an out-of-breath voice wheezing "Coming through! Out of the way!", humans just naturally respond better to a bell. They can't help themselves; it's as if they've undergone a session of brutal Pavlovian conditioning. One swift ring of the bell and you can watch in wonder as the dawdling crowds part like the red sea before your beady sweat-stained eyes.

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  • "I bought this as a funky present for my step daughter who does a lot of running. It's a good quality item and has a cute little ting. "
    Pam - 19th of March, 2015