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Think like the Inca

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    You are probably wondering what in the blazes a board game like Rumis is doing here at Firebox. Can it play MP3s? Does it fire foam darts? Is it Wi-Fi enabled? The answer is, of course, a resounding no. But you won't give a flying LED once you start playing because this ingeniously thought-out little game is so enthralling you'll be constructing ancient buildings in your sleep.

    Rumis Inspired by Incan architecture (no, really) Rumis is so brilliant the brainboxes at Mensa have honoured it with a Best Mind Game award. And they're not wrong. Because as well as being fist-gnawingly addictive, Rumis (meaning 'stones') sharpens spatial awareness and critical thinking skills. But forget all that pseudo-intellectual stuff; what makes Rumis so absorbing is its stratospheric one-more-go factor!

    Standard Gameboards:
    Rumis So what's it all about then? Well, having received 11 Rumis stones of one colour, players must start building an Incan structure one stone at a time (a bit like a real Inca minus the backache). The type of building you erect is dependent on the gameboard you select (pyramid, tower, stairway or wall). The idea is to strategically place your stones in order to prevent opponents from having the most stones visible from above. Construction is limited by the shape and height of the building and by the number of players (1 to 4). When all the stones have been used the player with the most stones visible from above is the winner.

    Advanced Gameboards:
    If all this sounds complicated, it's not. But we'd like to see you try to explain it when you've been bamboozling your brain non-stop for weeks on end. Rumis is perplexing and playable in equal measure.

    Rumis Rumis comes with six beautifuly designed gameboards (on three double-sided boards), 44 wooden Rumis stones and instructions for variations on the game, including a ludicrously addictive form of solitaire. We guarantee you'll be hooked before you can say Machu Picchu. Rumis: inspired by Incas, played by thinkers!

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