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Rumble Station

    Rumble Station

    Retro gaming heaven in a box

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      Strange how we always view the past through rose-tinted specs isn't it? Why does everything seem to have been so much better 10 or 20 years ago than it is now? Perhaps because the nineties and noughties have been more than a touch bland and life was an altogether more palatable experience back in the day.

      In any case, you can forget the trials of modern life and say 'bah humbug' to todayÂ’s over-priced, here today, gone tomorrow gaming excesses with the Rumble Station. Relive a time when there was only one quality that made for quality computer entertainment: gameplay.

      Every one of the games on the Rumble Station gives a hefty nod to such luminaries as Double Dragon, Commando and Super Mario, and echoes the qualities you enjoyed in the games of the early 80s, before programmers stopped considering what they should do and concentrated simply on what they could. As the name suggests, the Rumble Station adds a modern touch with the addition of force feedback and a PS2-style joystick, but apart from that it's 24-carat retro entertainment all the way.

      The only thing missing is that gloriously hypnotic loading sequence from the Speccy 48k, but you canÂ’t have your cake and eat it, can you? Which is undoubtedly why cake sales have nose-dived in recent years, but thatÂ’s another story...

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