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Ruk Shuk
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Ruk Shuk

Stack rocks against the clock!

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    Ruk Shuk

    Pigeon Rock

    Stacking little rocks into various formations sounds like the kind of thing a geography teacher might do when he's not buffing up the elbow patches on his tweed jacket. But as Ruk-Shuk proves, it's actually one of the most excruciatingly addictive challenges in the history of the universe. No, really!

    Ruk Shuk

    A challenge and a half!

    This multi, multi, multi award-winning game sees players racing to stack specially crafted rocks into various formations. Each configuration is based on a real rock formation found somewhere in the world - from Stonehenge in the UK to Pinnacle Rock in the Galapagos Islands and Pigeon Rock in Lebanon.

    Ruk Shuk

    Pick out 7 Game Rocks

    Choose a card

    Quick... build your rock tower!

    The idea is to draw seven Game Rocks from the pouch then turn over a Game Card to reveal a formation. Players then have just sixty seconds to build as much of the formation as they can, in order to score the highest points. If your formation topples, you could end up with no points at all - aargh!

    Ruk Shuk

    Remember you're up against
    the sand timer!

    Different rocks are worth different points according to their shape and stackability, so it's a good idea to take a gander at the angles and surfaces of your rocks before you start building. Fiddly? It makes stacking irregular ice cubes seem a doddle. And remember, one man's pile of rubble is another man's megalithic ceremonial monument, so some of the easiest-looking formations often turn out to be utter nightmares!

    Ruk Shuk

    Points mean prizes!

    Ruk Shuk

    Plenty of different formations to keep you busy

    To say this game is full of one-more-go factor is a bit like saying Stonehenge is quite heavy. And as the sand timer counts down you'll be pulling faces worthy of a gurning champ, complete with sweaty palms, trembling fingers and gritted teeth. The tension is often unbearable.

    Whether you're playing alone, in teams or against solo rock stackers, Ruk-Shuk is guaranteed to keep you occupied for hours on end. Now if you'll excuse us we have to erect a limestone trilithon in under a minute. Rock!

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