Rubik's Slide Puzzle
  • Rubik's Slide Puzzle

Rubik's Slide Puzzle

Twist on a legend

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    Does your brain need a good seeing to? Excellent, because Rubik’s Slide is an ingenious new brainteaser that’s just as noodle-knottingly addictive as the legendary cube. Better still, it packs over 10,000 puzzles that can be played freestyle or against the clock. Aargh!

    Rubik's Slide Puzzle Rubik's Slide Puzzle Rubik's Slide Puzzle

    Hold the solution button to see the solution

    'Slide' lights into correct position

    'Twist' lights into correct position

    This thickish slab of electronic jiggery pokery features a single face of backlit tiles. The idea is to rearrange them into various patterns displayed at the start of each unique challenge. How? Well, despite the 21st century re-imagining (multiple skill levels, high score and sound effects) Rubik’s Slide is just as thumb-blisteringly tactile as its predecessor because it must be twisted and nudged to move and re-orientate the tiles.

    Easily the most fist-bitingly unputdownable puzzle since the original cube, this compelling gizmo is guaranteed to bamboozle your brain and have you gurning in frustration every time you attempt a new challenge. (Hair restorer sold separately).

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