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Rubik's Cube Salt and Pepper Mills
  • Rubik's Cube Salt and Pepper Mills

Rubik's Cube Salt and Pepper Mills

The geekiest grinders in town

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    Rubik's Cube animation

    You will solve this one in
    no time!

    Back in the Eighties, Erno Rubik’s blister-inducing cube was as ubiquitous as sax solos, legwarmers and big hair. True, the only kids who could solve the flippin’ thing were annoying nerds in need of a Clearasil dunking, but the Rubik’s Cube became a cultural phenomenon. And looking back, you have to admit it was pretty darn stylish to boot.

    Remove top to fill

    Remove the top to fill!

    So much so, modern day geeks have created these lookalike salt and pepper grinders. Rubik’s cruets, if you will. Officially licensed, Rubik’s Cube Salt and Pepper Mills are exactly the same size as the original brain mangler. The difference is you can’t play with them because these retro grinders are designed to crush condiments, not egos. And that means you won’t end up hurling yours at the wall in sheer frustration.

    Rubik's Cube animation

    White top for salt and red top for pepper, genius!

    Woman using the Rubik's Cube Pepper Mill

    It's so much fun you might forget to eat!

    Each eye-catching cube is built around a high quality ceramic mill that makes light work of pulverising salt and pepper. Better still you won’t have to ask some precocious brat how to crush your condiments because only the top layer of the cube rotates. Just twist and enjoy.

    If you’re worried about grinding the wrong thing over your Space Invader pasta shapes, worry not; the salt mill’s top is white while the pepper mill’s is red – handy if you are an Eighties fixated foodie who still conducts dinner soirées sporting a Phil Oakey fringe and fake Wayfarers.

    Holding a Rubik's cube mill

    Same size as the original!

    Whether you’re a die-hard puzzle fan, an aficionado of retro Hungarian design (well, you never know) or you just need a stylish and original pair of grinders, Rubik’s Cube Salt and Pepper Mills are most definitely the solution. Pass the peeps…

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