Royal Wedding Top Trumps
  • Royal Wedding Top Trumps

Royal Wedding Top Trumps

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    Royal Wedding Top Trumps

    Guess who? That's right, it's one's Royal Corgis

    What a perfect union! A match made in heaven, you might say. Indeed, combining the Royal Family with the classic card game Top Trumps is one of the most inspired pairings we’ve ever seen!

    Celebrating the second most exciting marriage of the year, Royal Wedding Top Trumps are coming to a surprise Bank Holiday near you. This limited edition pack features thirty of the most famous faces that may (or may not) be making an appearance on the day itself – including Sarah Ferguson, Victoria Beckham, and Her Majesty’s Corgis.

    Royal Wedding Top Trumps

    Some of the gang

    With a list of vital stats for each person, from “Age” to “Big Day Rating”, you’ll be able to pitch the posh lot against each other in this head-to-head game of one-upmanship. Perfect for whiling away the hours as you wait to wave your flag!

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