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Roxio Game Capture

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    ps3/xbox 360 to pc diagram

    The Roxio Game Capture is a must have accessory for any serious gamer

    ‘There I was, pinned down behind enemy lines; health depleted, out of ammo with time running out. But I still managed to prevent Armageddon and take out an army of mutants with a blunt potato peeler.’ ‘Yeah, right. Prove it.’

    If you’re an avid gamer you’ve almost certainly had similar conversations. That’s why you need the amazing Roxio Game Capture. This ingenious device allows all you joystick twiddlers to record, personalise and post direct-feed gameplay from either your Xbox or PS3 with ease, so you can silence cynics, show off at geek gatherings and relive your greatest on-screen moments time and time again.

    How to setup:
    connection illustration

    A: Connect the console specific Component AV cable to the A/V port of your gaming unit. B: Plug in the Component Video and RCA Audio cables to the inputs on the Roxio Game Capture device. C: Connect the Roxio Game Capture device and the Component Video inputs to your TV. D: Connect the Roxio Game Capture device and the audio inputs to your TV. E: Connect the USB to the Roxio Game Capture device and the USB2.0 port of your laptop or PC.

    Simply hook the Roxio up to your console, TV and computer using the included cables and prepare for battle – or kick off, or judgement day or whatever other pixellated japes you get up to. This nifty box of tricks will then record your efforts in 480p, outputting to popular formats such as AVI, WMV, DivX and MP4. It even lets you capture still images. ‘See, I told you I decapitated that Splicer with a wrench!’

    store your greatest hits as avi, wmv DivX and mp4 files

    Store all your greatest frags, goals, races and high scores and edit them together to make a greatest hits compilation!

    record and upload straight to Youtube animation

    Record your footage and upload it straight to the internet

    Unlike rival devices, the Roxio’s powerful accompanying software is totally idiot-proof and super-intuitive, allowing you to edit videos with swipes and fades, change fonts, and even add commentary, music and voice-overs. ‘Have some of that, you alien *#*%”!’ You can then export your edited vids to the likes of YouTube and WeGame. Bragging rights? Not half!

    Whether you’re posting game reviews, creating your very own machinima (cinematic productions made using real-time recordings of virtual worlds), saving stuff for posterity or simply showing off, the Roxio makes it easy. ‘C’mon grandma, let’s watch me knocking seven bells out of Captain Marvel again.’

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