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Interact with home wherever you may roam

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    The Webcam Software

    Control Rovio 24/7 from anywhere!

    Think of robots and you probably think of Bender off Futurama style humanoids. Think of interactive roving robots armed with webcams, mics and more and you probably think of Rovio – at least you will, because we’re about to tell you all about it.

    This ultra advanced WiFi robot acts as your eyes and ears whenever you leave your home, as you can control it 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Use your laptop, mobile phone, PDA, video game console or any other web-enabled device. It’s like being in two places at once without the attendant Hollywood style confusion.

    The Web Cam moving

    The adjustable built-in camera
    Watch demo video

    Unlike those stupid prototype butler robots you see on the news and nowhere else, Rovio’s full audio and video streaming capability means it has many practical uses: spying on housemates, keeping an eye on the goldfish when you’re on your hols, searching for intruders, freaking out the cat and even checking that you haven’t left the iron on. You can also utilise Rovio’s built-in camera and microphone to chat and interact with family and friends when you’re out and about.

    A nifty tri-wheel design allows for omni-directional movement, so patrolling various rooms is no problem. What’s more, idiot-proof software and built-in GPS let you set up pre-determined routes and ‘check points’ that Rovio can automatically locate with a single click. This means you can order Rovio to ‘go to the kitchen’ from wherever you may roam. And don’t worry if some joker knocks Rovio off course because it ‘remembers’ its destination. Amazing!

    Rovio Charging Station

    Rovio will charge up his own batteries at his charging station!

    Of course a robot minus power is as much use a celery dishwasher, but Rovio is so brainy it will seek out and dock with its charging station when juice is low. It even boasts an LED headlight so you can guide it around when the lights are out.

    Ideal for tech heads who miss/fancy/don’t trust (delete where applicable) their housemates, and anyone who wants to keep an eye (and ear) on the homestead, Rovio is so impressive, not to mention useful, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. Indeed, if you’re not completely gobsmacked we’ll eat our hat. Then we’ll eat your hat. Then we’ll regurgitate them both in the shape of one big hat and eat that too. Probably.

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