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Rovers Return Pint Glass with Bell
  • Rovers Return Pint Glass with Bell

Rovers Return Pint Glass with Bell

Drinks with bells on? By ‘eck!

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    Spending every night in the pub is one thing, spending every night in the Rover’s Return is an entirely different barrel of Newton and Ridley. Well would you frequent a boozer that’s witnessed a lorry crash, a major fire, several deaths and boasts décor that wouldn’t look out of place in Betty Turpin’s boudoir circa ‘71. You would? In that case you need the Rovers Return Pint Glass with Bell.

    Classier than Roy Cropper’s anorak and sexier than Gail Platt in a negligee (well, sort of) this no-nonsense pint glass is adorned with artwork from Weatherfield’s most iconic pub. But better than that it has an on-board bell so Jack Duckworth wannabes can ring for service without leaving the snug.

    Needless to say if you’re married to a Vera type character, excessive dinging could lead to you being banished to the wastelands of Rosamund Street. But by ‘eck, who cares about that when you’re supping ale and watching Corrie. Now sling yer ‘ook!

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