Rounders Set
  • Rounders Set

Rounders Set

Whack it, mum!

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    Leather bound ball

    Put down the ginger beer and turn up your trousers. It’s time to play rounders – one of the finest and oldest summer sports known to man. Indeed, this brilliant game of batting and fielding dates as far back as Tudor times!

    Much like that other bat-and-ball game they play in the US, this Rounders Set is a great way to get family and friends active in the garden, down the park or at the beach. Set up your stumps, spread out your fielders, and bowl the ball at the opposing team’s batter. When you’re batting, forget all about those forward-defensive shots and playing it safe. Your job is to tonk the ball as far as you possibly can, then run like the clappers around all four stumps before the ball is fielded back.

    Wonderfully simple, but great fun for the whole family, this classic game comes in a handy zip up bag; so it’s a doddle to carry on picnics and to your nearest open space. Now all you have to worry about is choosing your perfect team.

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