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Rose Bath Lights

Blooms at bath time

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    Rose Bath Lights
    Isn't relaxing in the bath great? All those lovely bubbles and soothing lotions and potions. The problem is, in order to recreate that tranquil spa vibe you have to light loads of candles and scatter petals everywhere. And that's far too much like hard work.

    But you can't just dim the main light and wait for your skin to prune whilst gawping at grout lines, can you? You need something magical to feast your eyes upon. So how do you do that, then? No, you don't remove the flannel floating above your naughty bits, you buy some Rose Bath Lights.

    Rose Bath Lights
    These gorgeous waterproof lights have been designed to add ambience to any tub-based activity. Simply pop them in the water and watch as they float about, gently phasing through various enchanting colours.

    As the name suggests, Rose Bath Lights are shaped like roses - talk about saying it with flowers. Indeed having a bath whilst surrounded by buoyant, colour-changing blooms is like bathing in a tropical paradise. Sort of. Put on some of that plinkity-plink music and you could be in Bali, not the bathroom.

    If baths aren't your thing you could always plop a few Rose Bath Lights in your swimming pool. Or your fishpond. Okay, what about the sink? Whatever. The point is these enchanting little lights are guaranteed to add a chilled-out vibe to any water-based scenario.

    Rose Bath Lights make ideal pressies for anyone who falls into the 'bits for the-bath' gift category - you know, mums, aunties, girlfriends, wives - but they're also an ideal way to treat yourself. Indeed we wouldn't normally advocate buying flowers for yourself, but in the case of Rose Bath Lights we're willing to make an exception. Now if you'll excuse us, bath time beckons.

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