Ron Weasley Artefact Box
  • Ron Weasley Artefact Box

Ron Weasley Artefact Box

Ron’s box of bits

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    Short of piping the sound of a dolphin through the smallest of tin whistles, it’s impossible to reproduce the sound of an excited Harry Potter fan. So before you let them anywhere near this officially licensed artefact box we suggest you move any small animals and fine glassware into the next room. Because this lovingly-recreated goodie box is a Potter fan’s dream come true.

    Featuring all sorts of high-quality memorabilia from the Harry Potter movies, the Ron Weasley Artefact Box is a treasure trove of knick knacks for those in the know. The beautiful presentation box is sealed with a ribbon and features artwork from the Marauder’s Map inside. Open the box and you’ll find choice replicas of Ron’s treasured possessions from his time at Hogwarts, including a Dumbledore card, Howler letter, Weasley betting slip, Chudley Cannons poster and much more.

    For anyone wanting their own piece of the movie magic, the Ron Weasley Artefact Box is a fitting tribute to this much-loved movie franchise. Grab one now, before the train leaves the station for the last time.

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