Rollie Egg-on-a-stick Cooker
  • Rollie Egg-on-a-stick Cooker
  • Rollie Egg-on-a-stick Cooker
  • Rollie Egg-on-a-stick Cooker
  • Rollie Egg-on-a-stick Cooker
  • Rollie Egg-on-a-stick Cooker

Rollie Egg-on-a-stick Cooker

Teach Granny to suck eggs

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  • A new, healthier and funnier way to cook perfect eggs every time
  • Say goodbye to all that oil, butter and general eggy mess
  • No need to watch the clock, it seductively pops up when it's done
  • Revolutionary easy-to-eat shape
  • Cool-touch housing with a non-slip silicone grip base
  • Witness the wonders of Vertical Cooking Technology


"How d'ya like, your eggs in the morning? I like mine on a stick."

Forget poaching, scrambling and frying. Forget those giant knobs of butter and pools of oil. Forget about watching the clock so you don't create a burnt rubbery mess. A revolutionary new way to cook eggs has arrrived – the Rollie Egg-on-a-stick Cooker.

By harnessing the untold power of Vertical Cooking Technology, this ingenious device produces hot, fluffy and perfectly-cooked eggs every time. And in just a matter of minutes too. Simply give the internal chamber a light spritz of cooking oil, then just crack and pour. When your egg is ready, it slowly starts to emerge from the top of the Rollie like a sultry Meercat. It's a visual delight.

Their pleasantly familiar and easy-to-eat shape makes them ideal for snacking on the go or slicing into salads and sandwiches. To be honest, eggs are barely scratching the surface; with the included recipe book you can create pancake rollies, burrito rollies, pizza rollies – the list of dishes is endless (and predominantly cylinder shaped).

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13 Reviews

Average 4/5 stars
  • "Egg-cellent."
    Jack - 13th of December, 2016
  • "This is the perfect gadget for a quick and easy yet tasty breakfast. Easy to handle while on the move. Still perfecting each type of egg."
    Adam - 15th of July, 2016
  • "Great idea and so easy to use. The cleaning up afterwards is quick and easy as well. Looking forward to trying more recipes with it."
    Emma - 23rd of March, 2016
  • "Excellent, love making healthy tasty snacks with this sooper-dooper machine."
    Helen - 3rd of February, 2016
  • "Amazing. It was a gift and they loved it!"
    Guy - 27th of November, 2015