Rokstand iPhone Desktop Stand
  • Rokstand iPhone Desktop Stand

Rokstand iPhone Desktop Stand

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    Black/Red version

    Black and red

    Overengineered? You mean uberengineered! Oh alright, you could be forgiven for thinking that the Rokstand iPhone Desktop Stand was made for more than just propping up your mobile. And it is – you can use it as a charging station too.

    Sure, it’s a little complicated for what is basically a stand; but it positively roars of precision engineering, high tech tooling, cutting edge design and a rugged outdoorsiness that only Bear Grylls fast-lining from a pterodactyl could match. And thanks to its NASA-levels of engineering, it can be folded down for easy transport, or adjusted to six different angles.

    Silver/Black version

    Silver and black

    With a high speed bearing and cam adjustment mechanism (in case you have to change angles in a hurry), sound enhancing speaker ports, and a sleek anodized finish, the Rokstand is so fabulously over the top it’s sure to raise as many smiles as it is eyebrows. Especially when you happen to mention that it’s constructed from Billet 6061 T-6 Aluminium. ‘Billet 6061, you say? You Sir/Madam are the cat’s pyjamas.’

    We digress. We were talking about the adjustable angles. Six of them – which makes the Rokstand just as handy for playing games and tapping out emails on your Apple gadget as it is propped vertically for watching movies and skipping tracks. And thanks to the Rokstand’s rugged construction it could even handle an iPad – either portrait or landscape. Less is more? Balderdash. More is more! Fact.

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