Rokbed Fuzion Protective Case
  • Rokbed Fuzion Protective Case

Rokbed Fuzion Protective Case

Toughen up your apps

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    When it comes to protecting your fragile iPhone from knocks, bumps, drops and scratches there are loads of cases you can choose. The problem is, many are about as tough as a tent in a tornado. So if you’re serious about keeping your Apple gadget safe, wrap it in aircraft grade aluminium and polycarbonate with the Rokbed Fuzion Protective Case.

    Available in three colours:




    gun metal

    Gun Metal

    Tougher than an army-issue boot, while adding mere grammes to your mobile, this cool-looking case turns your iPhone into an iPwn. Just slide your mobile into the precision-machined aluminium upper frame and lock it in place with the polycarbonate lower one. In seconds your iPhone can be protected from any number of chips, dinks and accidental drops – and all without covering any of the iPhone’s essential ports. A couple of additional holes in the aluminium frame even make space for the included high-tensile wrist lanyard. Which comes in pretty handy, whether you’re hiking in the wild or jobbing about the house.

    Indeed, with a choice of anodised colours the Rokbed Fuzion Protective Case gives your iPhone a hardwearing and stylish outfit for any occasion.

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