Rocky Road Chocolate Egg
  • Rocky Road Chocolate Egg

Rocky Road Chocolate Egg

Counts as a choccy biccy

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    If you thought all Easter eggs were alike, think again. Because a bunch of maverick chocoboffins at The Purbeck Chocolate Company are throwing all sorts of yummy gubbins in the mix. Just take a look at their latest creation, the Rocky Road Chocolate Egg.

    Close up

    Rich milk chocolate

    Holding the Rocky Road Chocolate Egg

    A good sized egg!

    Chewy marshmallows and juicy raisins

    Chewy marshmallows,
    crushed biscuits and juicy raisins

    Packed into the smooth walls of this unassuming oval are handfuls of crunchy biscuit pieces, juicy raisins and chewy marshmallows. Just crack it open and marvel at the mottled mess inside. In fact, it’s more an exercise in self control than an Easter egg. Try a few bits yourself and you’ll see what we mean!

    Made with rich milk chocolate and the finest ingredients from around the world, this luxury milk chocolate egg makes a delightful change from the usual mass-produced Easterware. Each Rocky Road Chocolate Egg is finished by hand and packaged in a colourful gift box, making it the perfect treat for the chocoholic in your life. Especially if that’s you.
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