Rocking Whiskey Glasses
  • Rocking Whiskey Glasses

Rocking Whiskey Glasses

Won’t tipple over

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    the glass rocking on the table

    It rocks! (but not forever)

    Stylish glass tumblers, or Weeble ghosts? We’re not sure, but while we investigate further why not use one of these Rocking Whiskey Glasses to swill your scotch? Just place one on a flat surface and it’ll roll around its gently-curving base, swirling your drink for you.

    Regardless of how much of your favourite tipple is inside them, these innovative glasses will never topple over. But give them a nudge and watch as your jittery guests dive to catch them. Perfect for parties and knowing when you’ve had one tipple too much – if the room is spinning and your Rocking Whiskey Glass is staying perfectly still, it’s time to wobble to bed.

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