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Rocket Roll Champagne Streamer
  • Rocket Roll Champagne Streamer

Rocket Roll Champagne Streamer

The all new bottle rocket

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    We know it’s frowned upon in posh circles, but when it comes to opening a bottle of bubbly we can’t help firing the cork across the room. It’s just so much fun! Especially if it lands in someone’s drink. But now there’s an even more satisfying way to enjoy opening your champagne.

    Easy to set up...

    Attaching the streamer Attaching rocket to streamer base Placing rocket on the cork

    Fit streamer to the base

    Place the rocket to the base

    Attach to the cork ready for launch!


    Plenty of streamers to last Christmas and New Year!

    Just attach a Rocket Roll Champagne Streamer to the cork before opening the bottle. Then gently prise the cork out with your thumbs (as you normally would). When it finally pops, it’ll take the mini rocket arcing through the air with it, leaving a glorious streamer trail as it goes.

    Great fun, and entirely unexpected, Rocket Roll Champagne Streamers are a great way to kick start your celebrations. Who knows, they might even win round the posh lot – once they’ve forgiven you for dive-bombing their drink.

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