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Rockabye Baby!
  • Rockabye Baby!

Rockabye Baby!

For those about to nap, we salute you!

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    If you've got kids you're probably sick of the incessant jingle-jangle of cutesy lullabies such as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Incy Wincy Spider. The trouble is you can't use the gut-pounding riffs of Led Zeppelin or the sombre angst of Nirvana to send baby off to boboland, can you? Well yes, actually you can, with Rockabye Baby CDs.

    Rockabye Baby




    These revolutionary, award-winning albums contain instrumental lullaby versions of some of the world's greatest rock, alternative and metal anthems. No, really! The familiar melodies are just as hook-laden and rockin' as you remember but this time round they're played on delicate instruments such as the glockenspiel, vibraphone, mellotron and harp. Like, blissful, dude!

    Rockabye Baby

    Led Zeppelin


    The Beatles

    You haven't lived until you've heard Stairway to Heaven in lullaby form. And Enter Sandman by Metallica has to be heard to be disbelieved. But it's not all about Dad Rock because there's even a Coldplay Rockabye Baby CD (although we find non-lullabied Coldplay sufficiently soporific).

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    Rockabye Baby

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    As well as soothing baby to sleep, tunes given the Rockabye treatment are guaranteed to keep parents suitably stimulated. Hearing a chord-crunching classic being played on what sounds like a pixie's xylophone is completely enthralling, almost psychedelic. You'll be gagging to hear the next track. In fact, even if you haven't got kids these brilliantly produced renditions are fantastic sonic curios for any music fan.

    A great gift for any parents labouring under the illusion they're still hip (that'll be all of 'em), Rockabye Baby CDs are the perfect way to indoctrinate future generations in the ways of rock. Besides, scientists predict baby's who listen to the whimsical dirge of Hey Diddle Diddle will grow up to become Westlife fans. Probably. Bleurgh! For those about to nap, we salute you!

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