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Rock It!

    Rock It!

    For those about to Rock It we salute you!

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      Everybody knows that the guitar is the most lethal bit of kit in the rock'n'roll toolbox. Just ask Hendrix, Van Halen, Clapton or, er, Charlie from Busted. Face it, bass is for bozos, drums are for, well, drummers and let's not even get onto the subject of keyboards. Guitars rule. End of story. But entry into the hallowed pantheon of axemeistery doesn't come cheap. Ask any guitar god how they learnt to shred on a six-string and you can bet your whammy bar they'll regale you with sob stories of practising till their fingers bled.

      Which is all well and good, but where does that leave us lazy wannabe rockers who can't be bothered spending aeons mastering two-handed tap-offs and sweeping arpeggios? Not everyone has the patience to become the next Yngwie J. Malmsteen, after all (thank goodness for that). The answer, dear friends, lies in the amazingly addictive Rock It.

      If you've seen the equally addictive Bop It, you can just imagine what fun this brilliant plank of electronic tomfoolery is. Basically, Rock It is a futuristically stylish electronic guitar rhythm game that's more addictive than Keef Richards' personality and twice as amusing as Andrew Ridgeley's ill-fated attempts to feign musical competence.

      You 'play' Rock It by simply sliding, twisting or strumming various parts of it in time to the beat. Flashing lights tell you when to strum it, twist its neck or slide the bar up and down. The longer you play, the faster the beat, the more you score. There are four different game modes to keep you entertained - you can play solo in or a group.

      The winner of the Solo Jam is the one with the highest score. The Group Jam is a hoot - when the Rock It asks 'Who's next?' you pass it on to the next player. Whoever makes a complete Ridgeley of it drops out of the session. Last one playing is the winner. There really are stacks of permutations – you can even decide whether you want to rock out or have a funk-style jamming session.

      As Beavis and Butthead might say, this rocks! Da! Da! Dah! Da! Da! Da Nah!

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