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He's got legs; he knows how to use 'em!

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    The word Robot comes from the Czech robota, meaning tedious labour. Which is really rather apt, because most home robots are about as entertaining as those buskers who paint themselves silver, don Bacofoil boots and stand around doing ancient body-popping moves.
    More to the point, the majority of robots trundle along in a clumsy R2-D2-esque fashion, as walking and moving around in an upright bipedal manner is just about impossible for your average domestic android. Until now that is.

    Robosapien is the world's first affordable programmable intelligent entertainment humanoid, and he's light years ahead of any robot you've ever encountered. Designed by an ex-NASA robotics physicist, Robosapien is based on the science of applied biomorphic robotics. Which, in dummy-speak, means Robosapien has been inspired by the principles of biological systems - and we're not talking washing powder. Loaded with attitude and brimming with brainpower, this mind-blowing fusion of technology and personality boasts fluid biomechanical movements that appear more human than robotic.

    Robosapien's astounding pendulum walking motion makes other robots look as useless as a Dalek on a doorstep. But there's so much more to this state-of-the-art android than his ability to walk.

    Robosapien can perform up to 67 pre-programmed functions, including running, picking things up, throwing, kicking, sweeping, dancing, belching, and rapping. He can even do Kung-fu moves and (in yet another robot first) break wind. Fully programmable, Robosapien can also execute a sequence of commands in any combination that you select. For example, you can create your own funky dance sequence and program Robosapien to give you a high five when he's finished. If you want.

    As well as his phenomenally smooth movements, Robosapien reacts to both touch and sound. His Interactive Reflex System uses a series of sensors strategically located throughout his body to detect and avoid obstructions. If you're wondering what kind of super computer is required to program Robosapien you're wondering up the wrong alley, as all functions and modes are controlled by a super-sleek handheld remote.

    Robosapien really is the greatest thing to hit the world of domestic biomorphic robotics (go on, admit it, you didn't know there was one) since C-3PO was activated. Indeed, to paraphrase old Goldenrod himself: "The odds of not being utterly gobsmacked by Robosapien are precisely 957.9 billion to one!"

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