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You wouldn't like me when I'm angry!

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    We've seen some fearsome prehistoric predators in our time (Peter Stringfellosaurus, Hugh Hefneraptor) but Roboreptile makes them look like amateurs. The petulant offspring of Roboraptor, this programmable RC beast is one of the most ill-tempered toys we've ever had the pleasure to play with. In fact, Roboreptile's a proper grump-o-saurus. And that's precisely why you'll love him.



    The second you switch Roboreptile on it starts looking for trouble, screeching, lashing its tail and whipping its head back and forth in an incredibly lifelike manner. Fortunately Roboreptile can be tamed, but unlike most beasts this is achieved via programming and changes in his immediate environment.

    If Roboreptile's bad attitude starts to grate, you can try slipping his hood on. This little plastic cowl calms him down by cutting off external stimuli - the only snag is getting it over his head when he's going bananas and snapping his jaws at you. Cripes!


    French Manicure, please!

    Remote control

    Who turned out the lights?

    Thanks to a complex array of audio, visual and touch sensors, Roboreptile detects and reacts to movement, noise and even touch. But be warned: a gentle pat can send him bonkers - it's a good thing those lethal-looking gnashers are rubber. As well as controlling Roboreptile via a sleek infra red controller, you can program him to perform various moves or put him in autonomous Free Roam Mode, Demo Mode, Guard Mode or Sleep Mode.

    One of the most extraordinary things about Roboreptile is the fast, frenzied and incredibly fluid way in which he moves. As well as racing around on four legs and walking on two, he can lunge and jump. The cat will love him. Not! Speaking of pets, we can think of no better companion than Roboreptile because although he's amusingly hot-headed he doesn't require a special licence or even a muzzle - just a few batteries. To tame or not to tame, that is the question. Grrrr!

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