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Robocup Golf Ball Return Robot
  • Robocup Golf Ball Return Robot

Robocup Golf Ball Return Robot

Can I have my (golf) ball back?

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    Simple setup

    Simply setup and start practicing!

    You’ve already got a caddy to carry your clubs, a cart to whizz you round the fairway and a global network of *ahem* ‘cocktail waitresses’ to iron your hideously garish slacks (probably), so why not go the whole hog and buy a robot to return your putted balls. It’s easy with the Robocup Ball Return Robot.

    Designed to take the backache out of putting practice, this award-winning device sits inside any standard-depth golf cup, pinging your ball back (14ft or more depending on green speed) via its patented battery operated ball-slinger. Yes, it sounds pretty decadent but it means you’ll spend less time retrieving your balls and more time perfecting those putts. You’ll be amazed by how many more putts per session you can rack up.

    ball return

    Returns your ball upto 14 feet

    Already a hit on the pro tour circuit, Robocup comes with a neat carry case and a clever Caddy Cord that can be placed around the hole so even missed putts get fired back. In fact the only thing Robocup can’t do is buy you a drink at the 19th hole.

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