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Road Sweeper Desktop Vacuum
  • Road Sweeper Desktop Vacuum

Road Sweeper Desktop Vacuum

Crumbs have got no chance

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    Road Sweeper Desktop Vacuum

    Clean that desk

    Your work area is filthy! Just look at those crumbs. And as for all that dust, hair and unidentified debris… tsk, tsk. What you need is a mini desktop vacuum cleaner. But why settle for some boring sucker when you can clean up with the Road Sweeper Desktop Vacuum.

    Gloriously daft, this battery-operated vehicle looks just like one of those council-approved, kerb-hugging contraptions that trundles over rubbish without actually picking any up. The difference is this baby really works, sucking up crumbs and sweeping up dust with its spinning brushes as you wheel it around your work area. ‘Honest boss, I’m cleaning.’

    Road Sweeper Desktop Vacuum

    "Crumbs, Penfold"

    Once the rotating brushes have pulled junk into the vacuum it gets whooshed into a large removable chamber. You’ll be amazed what you find in there: Hob Nob crumbs, bits of skin, squished insects – and those are just the pleasant things. What do you think of it so far?

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