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Road Refresher Dog Bowl
  • Road Refresher Dog Bowl

Road Refresher Dog Bowl

An end to spills and slobber

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As seen on TV...
Watch the clip from Dragons' Den and see which famous American loves the Road Refresher Dog Bowl!


    A dog drinking from his Road Refresher Dog Bowl in the car

    Tucking in without making a mess!

    When it comes to the art of drinking, it’s a well known fact that dogs are not as refined as humans. Fair enough, they don’t fall off bar stools or collapse face-first into kebabs. But they do tend to slop water all over the place with that lovable lapping technique. So instead of sending pooch to finishing school, why not invest in a Road Refresher Dog Bowl.

    As seen (and inexplicably rejected) on Dragons’ Den, this multi award-winning non-spill travel bowl is causing a sensation amongst dog owners across the globe as it reduces doggie slobber by 90%. If you don’t believe us just ask Barack Obama. He bought one for the presidential pooch – and if it’s good enough for the White House…

    The velcro parts on the bottom of the Road Refresher Dog Bowl

    Velcro at the bottom keeps it in place

    The Road Refresher encourages tidy drinking by limiting the amount of water dogs can lap up at any one time. A floating plate inside the bowl automatically feeds through enough water for Fido to drink, but immediately restricts the flow when there is a surge from cornering, braking, kicking, tripping and so on. The ingenious design even keeps long ears and beards out of the water (the dog’s, not yours).

    Don’t worry if your bow wow is a bit daft because drinking from the Road Refresher is just like drinking from any other dog bowl. Trust us, we (well, some bloke in our warehouse) tried it so you don’t have to.
    Turning the Road Refresher Dog Bowl upside down

    Turn upside down... where has the water gone?!

    Ideal for long journeys, this easy-to-clean piece of toughened polypropylene genius will soon become the dog bowl of choice for anyone who wants to reduce slobber, in car and around the house. It’s even got a velcro base and additional fixing pads to ensure it stays put on carpets and kitchen floors.

    If you’re still not convinced, hear this: former Blue Peter and Crufts legend Peter Purves (get googling kids) reckons the Road Refresher is ‘one of the best inventions of the past 20 years’. And who are we to doubt an endorsement like that? Woof!

    Colour and sizes available:

    The original grey Road Refresher Dog Bowl The small cream Road Refresher Dog Bowl The small pink Road Refresher Dog Bowl

    Large grey

    Small cream

    Small pink

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