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Road Angel GPS System

    Road Angel GPS System

    Is this your car, sir?

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      Now the trusty companion of minicab drivers and white van men countrywide, the radar detector, is possibly the single biggest barrier to road-based revenue generation the Government has ever seen. But, sadly, radar detectors seem to be a touch too good at detecting just about anything else that sucks its power from the National Grid. Traffic lights, radio stations, mobile phones, TV signals, microwaves, toasters, kettles: they all seem to get those little red LEDs a little more excited than they should. Drive through a busy city centre and youÂ’ll be lucky if you get any respite from your detectors shrill warning alarms. By Christ, if it isnÂ’t chirruping every time you pass a shop, itÂ’s detecting shopperÂ’s pacemakers and false limbs and informing you accordingly. A messy, irritating business and while itÂ’s always useful to know if the person sat in the car directly in front is half human/half android, itÂ’s not going to keep penalty points and fines from ruining your day.

      There is another option, though, and it takes the small, but perfectly formed, errr, form of the Road Angel. The Road Angel doesnÂ’t actually detect anything, bar your longitude and latitude via the gift of GPS, but the key to this little chapÂ’s skills lies in a constantly updated database of fixed and mobile speed cameras, not to mention an obscenely useful catalogue of Police and Local Authority designated accident blackspots, which should keep you well clear of fender-bending danger zones.

      The database is regularly reviewed and updates using the supplied software are free for the first year. After that you’ll incur an annual subscription of £49, but that’s a small price to pay to keep the four-wheeled love of your life accident free and your license as clean Mr Muscle.
      Tiff Needell, recently.
      Oh yes, and that rubber industry-sponsored playboy, Tiff Needell, seems quite happy to have his moniker attached to the Road Angel, so itÂ’s even got D-list celebrity approval. Super.

      • Totally legal way to guard your life and licence
      • Only product to alert you to black spots
      • Complete UK Coverage
      • Large Easy touch buttons
      • One glance reading of hazard, distance and speed
      • Full range of hazardous sites
      • Easy to read backlit LCD display
      • No false alerts
      • Alert instantly switches off after hazard
      • Easy to position in any vehicle in direct line of sight
      • Instant visual signal
      • Instant distance to danger reading
      • Adjustable audible alert
      • Easy additional personal database construction
      • Easy central database updating
      • Simple to adjust settings
      • Accurate GPS Speedometer
      • Designed and Manufactured in Britain
      • Technical help desk
      • In house Customer service and support

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