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River Crossing

Perilous plank-placing puzzle

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    Here at Firebox HQ we like to think we know a thing or three about gizmos, puzzles and games. But even we were caught off guard by the sheer addictiveness of River Crossing.

    In fact, this sneaky little brainteaser is so phenomenally compelling we've been dreaming about planks, stumps and rivers ever since we started playing. And that's because these are the main components of this multi award-winning, one-player game that will have you gripped in seconds.

    River Crossing When we first heard rumours about a game involving jungle shenanigans and a load of planks we thought 'I'm a Celeb...' was being turned into a board game. Thankfully, no nano-celebrities were harmed during the making of River Crossing, and it's about a million times more entertaining than watching Paul Burrell furiously gurning and wrestling his own digestive system as he munches a plate full of 'bush tucker' (well, okay, maybe not a million). The point is River Crossing is enthralling fun for all the family.

    River Crossing The idea is simple: players must help a little hiker find a route across a critter-infested river/playing grid. Luckily, several tree stumps dot the crossing and five handy planks are close by. 40 beginner-to-expert challenge cards show you where to position the stumps and planks to start each game. The hiker must then use the planks to bridge the stumps and avoid the water below. Simple. Not!

    River Crossing

    And that's because you can only move one plank at a time to a space that fits, and you can only use planks that are touching the stump where your hiker is standing. The hiker's feet are magnetic and so are the planks, so you use your hiker to lift and reposition the planks. Some challenges are pretty simple but many will have you cursing the day you clapped eyes on River Crossing - but in a good way!

    River Crossing

    Like most of the finest brainteasers, River Crossing is simple in concept but fiendishly frustrating in practise, and players must think many moves ahead in order to succeed. So don't be wet, give River Crossing a go and we guarantee you'll be completely hooked.

    River Crossing

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