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Rite in the Rain

Scribblin’ in the rain

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    Writing in the Field Bound Book in the rain

    Don't let the weather put you off!

    If you’ve ever tried writing in the rain you’ll know it’s nigh on impossible. Wet paper equals pulped prose. Just ask anyone who’s bawled their eyes out whilst writing love poetry to H from Steps. Failing that, ask anyone who works outside. Paper and rain just don’t get along. Unless of course the paper in question is Rite in the Rain all-weather writing paper.

    Developed way back in the 1920s, this 100% recyclable paper is a patented substrate created for use in soggy outdoor writing situations. Just use a pencil or an all-weather pen – hey presto, no more squelchy scribblings, wet words or smudged sentences. (Bad alliteration will still look decidedly wet).

    All Weather Journal

    Spiral-bound All Weather journal Spiral-bound All Weather journal Lined paper in the All Weather Journal


    64 ruled pages

    Ideal for note-taking nature lovers, rainforest-based sketchers, melancholy letter writers, bored cross-channel swimmers and anyone who lives in rain-sodden Blighty, Rite in the Rain paper is available in two forms: the Field Bound Book with 160 squared-paper pages or the spiral-bound All Weather Journal with 64 ruled pages. C’mon, don’t be wet, get ordering!

    Field Bound Book

    Hard bound spine on the Field Bound Book Hard bound spine on the Field Bound Book Squared paper

    Hard bound spine

    160 squared-paper pages

    Watch this demo and see how strong the paper really is!

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