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Ring Binder Boogie Board
  • Ring Binder Boogie Board

Ring Binder Boogie Board

Holey e-writer!

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    Close up of screen

    Great for making notes and doodling

    If you use a ring binder the papery bumf inside is almost certainly littered with random notes and doodlings. But handing in homework with Motorhead logos in the margins or business reports scrawled with shopping lists is amateurish to say the least. For this reason and many more you need the Ring Binder Boogie Board.

    Specifically designed to slip into a standard ring binder, this ludicrously slim, flexible e-writer pad features a pressure-sensitive screen upon which you can write, doodle and sketch using the included stylus, your finger or anything else capable of applying the required pressure. When you need to erase your handiwork simply press the button. Clever, eh!

    Close up of erase button

    When you want to clear the screen, simply press the erase button

    Perfect for scribbling messages, creating to-do lists, sketching digital graffiti, doing sums and writing love poetry to teacher, the Ring Binder Boogie Board is so responsive it can even conjure up lines of different thickness according to the pressure applied – just like paper and pen. Think of it as a pimped-up, ring binder-friendly Etch-a-Sketch with an incredibly practical twist. It’s eco-friendly too, so tree huggers will love you for it.

    Open up your binder to reveal this baby and onlookers won’t know whether to gawp in wonder or grab your stylus. Pens and paper? Pah! It really is quite remarkable. Of course you could always continue to deface the pages in your ring binder, but as a Firebox-perusing gadgeteer we expect so much more from you. Write on!

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