Don't forget your face mask!
Rick Sanchez 3D Mug
  • Rick Sanchez 3D Mug
  • Rick Sanchez 3D Mug
  • Rick Sanchez 3D Mug

Rick Sanchez 3D Mug


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Sh*t Hot right now
  • Made of three dimensional ceramic, v fancy
  • Pretty tall, just like the real Rick
  • Comes in a snazzy little gift box, nice
  • Hand-painted for superior detail work


Ever wanted to drink out of Rich Sanchez’s head? Wait, don’t answer that, stupid question. Everyone has. And now you can! With just a little help from this lovely little Rick Sanchez mug.

Enjoy the thrill of hot liquid filling your mouth EVEN MORE when it’s poured from this 3D moulding of everyone’s favourite genius misanthropic alcoholic scientist’s head. No, really, it’s 3D, look at his protruding details! Such skill. Such craftsmanship.

The perfect implement for hiding some secret scotch to nurse while you work in your garage/laboratory.

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