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Rhino Shield for Windows

Instant Pane Relief

Product not available at the moment.
  • Just 0.029 cm thick!
  • Absorbs 5x the impact energy of standard double glazing
  • Generous 20 metre roll, can be cut to fit almost any window
  • Easy to apply with the included roller, no sticky residue or air bubbles
  • Scratch resistant with a naturally repellent anti-bird poo layer
Since it stampeded onto the scene in 2013, the original Rhino Shield has been protecting smartphones and tablets from the very cruelest twists of fate. And it comes as no surprise that this marvel of modern science has now been developed to preserve your fragile windows.

Still only 0.029 cm thick but just as robust; this ingenious custom-formulated polymer absorbs 5x the impact energy of standard double glazing, keeping your windows safe from even the most brutal collisions. Falling hail stones? Unwelcome wrecking balls? So sparkly-clean that you unwittingly run into it at full speed? No problem.

What's more, the zero-condensation layer means your windows are distinctly less prone to steaming up, whilst the cutting-edge anti-bird poo layer naturally repels those unsightly avian splatterings.

Coming in a generous 20 metre roll it can be easily cut to fit almost any window size or shape. Just give your glass a quick wipe and then use the included roller to effortlessly apply the shield. The self-adhesive silicone clings like magic so there's no sticky residue or unsightly air bubbles. You'll hardly even notice it's there.

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