Rewined Wine Candles
  • Rewined Wine Candles
  • Rewined Wine Candles
  • Rewined Wine Candles

Rewined Wine Candles

Can I get a rewined?

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  • Hand crafted, repurposed, recycled, top quality wine bottle candles
  • Each candle fragrance mimics the flavours and aromas of your favourite vino
  • Available in 8 varieties
  • The circle of drunken life
  • Oh, this smells of, I don't know, basil


The bottom of a bottle of wine has for too long been associated with the sour dregs of last night's exuberant libations. No more we say. Welcome to a lovely smelling, softly lit new world.

The Rewined Wine Candles are the perfect addition to any truly indulgent night in. We’ll let the creators tell more of their story:

We pride ourselves on hand crafting each of our candles to ensure an original product of the highest quality. After collecting thousands of discarded bottles, we seek to fill these empty vessels with new life. First we carefully cut each bottle by hand. Next, we hand pour premium natural soy wax, laced with our intoxicating blend of fragrances. Each fragrance is designed to mimic the flavours and aromas you find in your favourite varietal of wine.

Capable of evoking fantastically elaborate smells such as: freshly mown grass, burnt toast, basil, Asian pear and wet stone! You'll be able to talk a good game whilst you pair your favourite wine to the fine fragrance wafting your cultured nostrils.

A treat for wine lovers, candle lovers and...lovers. Each 11oz candle burns clean for 60-80 hours. Which is a pretty long time. Wine tasting can be a real mixed bag (and is mostly mired in snobbish murky vernacular), but candle-sniffing and recycling are something we can all enjoy. So pop your feet up, light your Rewined candle and bask in its warm ambrosial ambiance.

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