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Revolving Globe
  • Revolving Globe
  • Revolving Globe
  • Revolving Globe

Revolving Globe

Make the world go round

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  • Finally, an affordable trip around the world
  • Mesmerising rotating globe
  • Classy white and gold colour scheme
  • Spins for up to 30 days on one set of batteries


Ever fancied a trip around the world? Don’t bother, mate. Too dangerous. Too expensive. Do you really think your boss will just let you stroll back into work after walking out to galavant your way around the globe?

This marvellous revolving globe is a much better option. Just pop it on any flat surface and turn it on to kick off the rotation. Instead of getting lost in the Andes, you'll find yourself mesmerised by the gentle twirl of this classy ornament, safe from getting captured and eaten by some undiscovered mountain tribe.

With the intricate detail of a Wikipedia entry and the good looks of posh homeware, this thing is a triumphant marriage of style and substance. And it’s fun to watch spin. Ooooh, there it goes again…

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  • "I like the world firebox. The only problem for me, because of small hands, a bit difficult getting it opened to switch on. "
    - 2nd of September, 2019