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Revo Pico WiFi Radio
  • Revo Pico WiFi Radio

Revo Pico WiFi Radio

World's 1st portable WiFi Radio

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    Revo Pico WiFi Radio

    Wireless internet radio at your fingertips

    Internet radio rocks! Thousands of stations from around the world broadcasting every kind of show you could possibly think of - from jazz, bluegrass and gospel to death metal, indie and trance. And how about all those talk shows, college broadcasts and comedy stations. The choice is endless and growing all the time.

    Revo Pico WiFi Radio

    Make your breakfast in style!

    The trouble is, in order to listen to all this marvellous ear-candy you need a computer. And who can be bothered lugging one of those around? Not us. That's why we love the Revo Pico WiFi Radio. This stylish, take-anywhere wireless is the world's first portable internet radio and automatically links to any broadband WiFi connection to stream both live and 'Listen Again' internet broadcasts.

    Better still it features a rechargeable battery ( up to 8 hours on one charge ), making it supremely portable. Listen in the garden, the bedroom, even the kitchen and bathroom - the splashproof Pico is genius. And if you do wander out of a Wi-Fi zone, you can always listen to the Pico's built-in FM receiver. All right? Not arf!

    Revo Pico WiFi Radio

    Listen to internet radio...

    Stream music from your pc...

    Connect your mp3 player

    Revo Pico WiFi Radio

    Idiot proof controls!

    With no software to load the Pico is truly idiot-proof. Stations are listed alphabetically by country or music type, so you can listen to funk from Finland, rap from Rhode Island and Motown from, erm…Morecambe. It even downloads the latest station list every time you power up.

    Still not impressed? Try this for size: the Pico will also play the music files stored on any Wi-Fi enabled PC or Mac. What's more, this incredible box of tricks doubles up as a loudspeaker for your MP3 player. Simply plug in using the supplied cable. Throw in a smart remote control and you're looking at the greatest thing to happen to radio since Marconi put on his thinking cap.

    Revo Pico WiFi Radio

    Thousands of stations to choose from!

    If you're still not sold on the incredibly versatile Revo Pico WiFi Radio you could always buy a laptop with speakers for every room in the house. But seeing as the Pico is infinitely more practical and cost effective, we suggest you hit the Buy Button.

    What's in the box?

    Revo Pico WiFi Radio

    L-R: Remote, 3.5mm jack ( MP3 lead ), changeable plug faces and AC mains adapter

    Revo Pico WiFi Radio

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