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Retro Telephones
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Retro Telephones

Say hello to an old friend

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Please note:
Due to pulse dialling tolerance differences Retro Telephones will not work with Virgin Media, formerly known as NTL:Telewest!.


    Retro Telephones

    Deal or no deal?

    Back in the days when shag pile carpets were the height of fashion and the average wardrobe contained enough nylon to down a zeppelin, the only way to phone someone was via a GPO-supplied telephone.

    There were no phone shops or communication companies vying for your custom. You used what you were given. And what you were given was a marvellously clunky Bakelite contraption with an ugh-ugh-ing rotary dial, shrieking bells and a dumbbell-style handset that barely balanced between shoulder and ear. Brilliant!

    These triumphs of telephonic engineering are now unequivocal design classics, so much so we’ve decided to start selling the unwieldy blighters. Perfect for lovers of retro-chic hardware, Retro Telephones are completely genuine models from the 70s.

    Retro Telephones




    Lovingly refurbished internally and ready for use with modern phone sockets, each stylish hunk of plastic is guaranteed to bring the memories flooding back the second you poke your finger in the dial and hear that familiar ugh-ugh. You might even remember a few numbers from the good old days and start answering the phone by reciting your telephone number, old lady style.

    Retro Telephones

    Dialling a number on these retro phones is very satisfying

    With their bone-shaking bell ringers and curvaceous geek-chic styling, Retro Telephones laugh in the fascias of modern slimline phones with weedy ringtones. They also look seriously cool in any scenario, in a dial-‘i’-for-irony kind of way. Best of all you can slam the handset down, Jack Reagan style, wind the curly-wurly cable around your hand or pace around the room gripping that walloping great base unit. Oh yes, you can also have a good old chinwag. It’s good to talk; it’s even better doing it on a Retro Telephone. Ugh-ughhhh…

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